Clouds and Aerosols Profiling in support of ESA’s sentinel 4 and 5 missions




Collaboration agreement (MoU between research institutions for Earth System Sciences)


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D3 1st Annual Report

D4 Software tools in specific programming languages

D5 Report on lidar datasets submitted to EBAS

D6 Report on AMS and lidar datasets submitted

D7 Report on AMS datasets submitted

D8 Design of instruments' setup on board of the UAV

D9 2nd Annual report
D10 Report on test flights
D11 Report on summer school
D12 3rd Annual report
D13 Report on promotional actions (flyers, communications, meetings)
D14 Workshop proceedings
D15 At least 3 communications to international conferences
D16 At least 3 scientific papers published in ISI journals
D17 Programme document
D18 4th Annual report